Beau Cassidy – Reverb Nation Bio

Beau Cassidy is the prime proof that genetics is a major factor in generational talent. He gets his talent from a long lineage of unbelievably talented and successful musicians, performers, songwriters and actors. His father is David Cassidy, the #1 Pop Icon of the 70′s (The Partridge Family); his uncle is Shaun Cassidy, Mega Teen Star of the 70′s (and TV star of “The Hardy Boys”); His grandfather, Jack Cassidy was a world renowned Actor and performer; his step grandmother, Shirley Jones is a singer/actress; and his mother, Sue Shifrin Cassidy, is a former songwriter and recording artist. In addition, his sister is Katy Cassidy, star of the new TV show “Arrow”.

It is no wonder that Beau is an amazing talent. Unlike his father or his uncle, Beau’s music is edgier and more Pop/Rock. He is the former lead singer of local Boston band, the Fates who developed quite a following in the Boston area, where they all went to college. His video, “Miss America” has already gotten nearly 800,000 views on youtube and still going strong.

Beau is not only a great singer, but an accomplished songwriter, musician, performer and actor, as well. Currently, he is in the studio working with Mark Spiro (45 gold and platinum albums, having been involved in record sales of almost 100,000,000 records). Mark is producing and co-writing with Beau. He has also co-written with Grammy Award winner Terry Britten (“What’s Love Got to Do With It”).

Beau is dedicated to making his Pop Music Rock!


“Beau my Beau…

One of the most wonderful talents I’ve work with years. Strong and direct, yet emotionally connected. A sensitive boy on the warpath of dreams…..a young hurricane.”

~ Mark Spiro – Record Producer and Songwriter
Co-Writer and Producer with Beau Cassidy
Represented on over 100,000,000 records sold worldwide.
Co-Writer & Producer for Julian Lennon, Steven Tyler, Steve Perry, Selena, and many more.


“I don’t think I’ve worked with a young man with more passion about his music than Beau Cassidy. In the studio his vocal technique is outstanding an obvious natural. His desire to go the extra mile and deliver his best is exceptional, a true professional!”

~ Terry Britten – Songwriter and Producer
Grammy Award winner for ‘Song of the Year” Tina Turner’s “What’s Love Got To Do With It”
& Michael Jackson’s “Just Good Friends”.


“I recently worked with Beau Cassidy in a studio recording session and found him to be supremely talented in so many areas …in a short period of time he figured out singing parts that I’ve seen producers take hours to work out… His pitch was brilliantly right-on and he is a master collaborator… amazing creative input!! I could listen to him sing for hours.”

~ Dyan Cannon – Actress, Writer, Film Producer, and Singer
Golden Globe Award: Best Supporting Actress in “Heaven Can Wait”
Golden Globe Award nominated actress for “Bob & Carol and Ted & Alice”
Academy Award nominated actress for Heaven Can Wait”
3-Time American Film Institute Award Winner


“Beau Cassidy is not just a “voice”…. he is a true artist in every sense of the word. I have seen and had the privilege of working with some amazing talent in my 35 years in the entertainment industry. Beau is up there with the best of them! I have total confidence in what his future will be. He is a star.”

~ Dick Klotzman & Susan Joseph – Justice Entertainment Group
Client list includes: Elvis Presley, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones,
The Eagles, Snoop Dogg, Queen Latifah, Public Enemy & many more.


“Beau has a fantastic voice and he’s a riveting performer. I look forward to seeing a lot of him in the future.”

~ Amy Powers / Pitch Perfect – Lyricist, Songwriter, Producer & Attorney
Emmy Award nominated Songwriter and Producer
Producer of “Heathers” the Musical & Lyricist of “Dr. Zhivago” the Musical
Clients include: Mattel, Hasbro, Disney, Universal, Lionsgate & The Jim Henson Company


“Beau’s clear vision and passion within the entertainment industry is all encompassing and infectious! I believe he has a great future as a writer- producer for TV and film.”

~ Linda Balaban
Associate Producer
Curb Your Enthusiasm


“Beau is a great talent. Impeccable ear, great tone and ideas, and super fast in the booth!”

~ Matthew Tishler  -  Song Writer / Producer
Clients include Disney and Nickelodeon

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